As the name suggests, you are free to manage your canoe trip as you wish.

You take your luggage with you, you have the choice between sleeping in the various campsites along the river or daring to bivouac along the route, or even combining the two.

For the 2 to 5 day routes between Prades and Brassac-les-Mines, overnight stays in hotels, bed and break fasts or gites near the river are possible.

All along the route, close to the river, there are shops for refreshments in the various sites that the route passes through, such as Langeac, Lavoute-Chilhac, Brioude and Brassac les Mines.

All our routes start from PRADES (Haute-Loire 43) and arrive at the maximum at ORBEIL (Puy de Dôme 63), i.e. 105 km. > See the route

So simply choose the number of days and your distance.
We are of course at your disposal to build your stay together.

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Our highlights for your canoe trip

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Canoeing and kayaking on the Allier river, Auvergne


Leave in a 2 or 3 person canoe (children from 6 to 10 years old in the middle) or solo kayak from 2 to 7 days.

Number of days2-seater canoe3-seater canoe1-seater kayak
2 days: 44 and 56 km95 €105 €53 €
2 days: 32 km85 €95 €48 €
3 days : 79 km140 €155 €80 €
3 days: 56 km130 €145 €75 €
4 days: 90 and 105 km180 €200 €105 €
4 days: 56 and 79 km170 €190 €100 €
5 days : 79 km200 €225 €120 €
5 days: 90 and 105 km220 €245 €130 €
6 days: 105 km240 €270 €140 €
7 days: 105 km270 €305 €155 €

If you wish to stop your descent during your stay, we will do our best to pick you up on the same day but no refund of the remaining day(s) can be claimed.

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Practical information

  • Knowing how to swim is mandatory
  • From 6 years old
  • Wear water shoes and clothing appropriate to the season
  • Shuttle to and from the airport, 55 litre watertight container on the basis of one per person included in the price
  • Free parking
  • Camping equipment not provided

The Liberté canoe trip

Canoeing and kayaking on the Allier river in Auvergne over several days

Canoeing and kayaking in Auvergne on the AllierExamples of canoe trip durations by distance

2-day course :

  • Prades to Lavoûte-Chilhac 32 km
  • Prades to La Vialette 44 km
  • Prades to Brioude 56 km

3-day course :

  • Prades to Brioude 56 km
  • Prades to Brassac les Mines 79 km

4-day course :

  • Prades to Brassac les Mines 79 km
  • Prades to Nonette 90 km
  • Prades to Orbeil 105 km

In 5 and 7 days:

  • Prades to Nonette 90 km
  • Prades to Orbeil 105 km

To discover by canoe between Prades and Orbeil

15 km, 3h sailing time

This course is certainly the most sporty in the valley. Numerous rapids will allow you to discover the joys of white water canoeing or kayaking. Along the way, you will discover the basaltic rocks typical of our valley, once the result of the strong volcanic activity of the Auvergne mountains. You will also discover charming villages along the river or perched on rocky promontories that make this route so charming. The crossing of a canoe slide will conclude this descent in a refreshing way!

Tour of the peninsula of Lavoûte-ChilhacLANGEAC - LAVOUTE CHILHAC
17 km, 3.5 hours sailing time

A stretch of gorge where nature has remained the master of the place. Herons watch over you, trout and salmon hide behind the rocks. The luckiest ones will be able to see them as long as they remain discreet and silent! Halfway along the route, the village of Chilhac overlooks the river. Magnificent basalt organs overhang the river.

A new canoe slide and then the arrival at Lavoûte Chilhac. The Allier forms a meander around the village. You have a wonderful view of the priory. This building is the first Cluniac abbey in the region. A stop to visit is strongly recommended.

12 km, 2h30 navigation

This route invites you to relax, 12 km of greenery, animals of all kinds, calm and serenity. A dazzling finish at the foot of the fortress of St Ilpize.

12 km, 2h30 navigation

The last stretch of the Val d'Allier, very wild, the river is however calmer before arriving in the plain of La Limagne. A visit to the pedestrian streets of Brioude is possible on a week's ride. A magnificent beach awaits you on arrival. Indeed, the reservoir of the Bageasse dam offers calm and warm water for a relaxing swim after a hard day of effort.

45 km, 2 to 3 extra days... !

We change department, we change river! The Allier now flows peacefully, forming wide meanders. Ideal to finish a week of navigation by letting yourself be carried by the waves. Viewpoints, landscapes and remains will enhance the end of your stay. Pebble beaches are available for you to sunbathe peacefully.


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